$ pip install openjij

For installation with GPU functions, see the topic below.

pip (without binary)

CMake setup

OpenJij needs cmake >= 3.17
If you want to use instead of PIP, You will need to install CMake>=3.17.
We are Highly recommended install CMake via PYPI.

$ pip install -U cmake


Install newest CMake

$ brew install cmake
$ pip install cmake

Linux (Ubuntu)

# if you installed old version by apt-get
$ apt-get purge cmake

# install cmake 
$ wget
$ tar xvf cmake-3.13.2.tar.gz
$ cd cmake-3.13.2
$ ./bootstrap && make && sudo make install 


$ pip install openjij --no-binary :all: 

If a CUDA compiler is found during installation, OpenJij will automatically compile for the GPU.

from Github

$ git clone [email protected]:OpenJij/OpenJij.git
$ cd openjij
$ python -m pip install .


Windows enviroment

It has been reported that the installation of OpenJij may fail on Windows. We recommend using Linux through WSL.

Report an installation problem

Please report the problem to the issue on Github.